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About Us

Wellfulli is committed to making emotional wellness coaching affordable & accessible to everyone.  We believe that individuals can learn to prioritize their emotional wellness, leading to enhanced mental health and overall well-being. Wellfulli’s certified coaches employ a proprietary coaching methodology that intricately weaves together awareness, connects thoughts and feelings within the body, incorporates pattern recognition, and empowers individuals to make transformative behavioral shifts through informed choices.

We know that making personal changes is difficult, but making change by yourself is nearly impossible.  Wellfulli is an active transformation companion for those looking to free the mental and emotional stuck, lose the stress, and empower their lives. 

The founders of Wellfulli have spent over 30+ years in careers that have spanned technology, healthcare, coaching, education, and wellness.  

The Wellfulli leadership team is a dedicated group of change agents with the sole objective of improving people’s daily lives through access to emotional wellness coaching for work, life, relationships, and more…

Meet Our Leadership Team

Vyda Bielkus

CEO & Co-Founder

Wellesley College, BA

Siga Bielkus

COO & Co-Founder

Vilnius University, MBA
George Washington University, BA

Anne Cellucci Adams

Head of Marketing & Sales

Harvard University, BA

Jenn Tsai

Head of Business Development

Middlebury College, BA

Ryma Bielkus


UMass Amherst, BA

Jane Allard

Fractional CTO

Northeastern University, MS
Binghamton University, BS