Wellfulli is committed to making emotional wellness coaching affordable & accessible to everyone. We believe that individuals can learn to prioritize their emotional wellness, leading to enhanced mental health and overall well-being. Wellfulli’s certified coaches employ a proprietary coaching methodology that intricately weaves together awareness, connects thoughts and feelings within the body, incorporates pattern recognition, and empowers individuals to make transformative behavioral shifts through informed choices.

The founders of Wellfulli have spent over 30+ years in careers that have spanned technology, healthcare, coaching, education, and wellness. Together they crafted “The 9 Wellfulli Essential Skills of Emotional Health and Well-being.” These skills serve as the foundation for all coaching sessions, enabling individuals to make profound and much-needed changes in just a few sessions. Complex life and career needs are addressed in a coaching series. Additionally, group learning pods offer opportunities for individuals to practice these skills, empowering them to continue their personal growth journey both at home and at work. 

The 9 Wellfulli Essential Skills of
Emotional Health & Well-Being

Self-awareness is the cornerstone of personal growth, enabling individuals to pay attention to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This profound self-understanding sharpens observational skills, enabling individuals to discern both inhibiting patterns of thought and behavior, as well as those that propel progress forward.

Wholeness advocates embracing all facets of oneself that drive our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. When we practice wholeness, we are able to access our whole selves rather than being driven by a singular part. Appreciating the multifaceted nature of individuals fosters inclusive environments where everyone feels valued, encouraging diversity and supportive communities.

Self-regulation entails the skillful management of ourselves, navigating states of stress or emotional volatility towards a serene, centered, and grounded demeanor. In the moment, an array of practices and techniques can be harnessed to alleviate stress and foster a positive outlook. By employing these self-regulation techniques, individuals can shift from emotional turbulence to a state of calmness and well-being.

Emotional Responsibility encompasses fully acknowledging and embracing one’s emotions and reactions, regardless of the situation’s difficulty. Through expressing these feelings in a constructive manner, individuals foster emotional growth. By delving into present emotional responses, hidden interconnected patterns and beliefs are uncovered, paving the way for the authentic self to emerge, and be embraced.

Communication Skills, comprising clear expression, active listening, and providing constructive feedback, are vital for nurturing positive relationships. Within the space of dialogue and silence, fresh creative ideas and sought-after solutions often surface. Proficiency in communication not only enables individuals to forge genuine connections but also to cultivate environments of mutual understanding.

Compassion cultivates empathy and support towards oneself and others. It requires the virtues of reason, patience, and tolerance, but its ultimate challenge arises when confronted with negativity from others. Through the practice of compassion in these challenging moments, we not only foster resilience within ourselves, but also forge deeper connections with others, and strengthen the bonds within our social fabric.

Presence cultivates awareness and focus in the present moment, minimizing distractions stemming from past regrets or future anxieties. Anchoring oneself in the present amplifies clarity of mind and emotional equilibrium. Engaging in practices such as mindful breathing, mindfulness exercises, and meditation further solidifies the cultivation of presence, ultimately nurturing resilience and inner peace.

Conscious choice-making involves ensuring our decisions align with our fundamental values and intuitively feeling their resonance within us. Empowering individuals to make deliberate choices daily propels them towards their desired goals and fosters a profound sense of purpose in their lives.

Transformation signifies an inner metamorphosis, a profound evolution of core beliefs about oneself. It involves transcending feelings of unworthiness and powerlessness, and embracing self-love while cultivating proactive behaviors, nurturing creativity, and taking emotional accountability. These shifts catalyze behavioral changes that lead to sustained growth and flourishing.

Founders & Leadership Team

The Wellfulli leadership team is a dedicated group of change agents with the sole objective of improving people’s daily lives through access to emotional wellness coaching for work, life, relationships, and more…

Vyda Bielkus

CEO & Co-Founder MIT, MBA
Wellesley College, BA

Siga Bielkus

COO & Co-Founder Vilnius University, MBA
George Washington University, BA

Anne Cellucci Adams

Head of Marketing & Sales Harvard University, BA

Jenn Tsai

Head of Business Development MIT, MBA
Middlebury College, BA

Ryma Bielkus

CAO UMass Amherst, BA

Jane Allard

Fractional CTO MIT, MBA
Northeastern University, MS
Binghamton University, BS