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Pod Experience: What happens in a Pod?

Wellfulli Coaching Pods are an inspiring 60-minute group coaching session conducted via virtual video conferencing and led by a certified coach. Crafted to guide you on a path toward emotional wellness, mental well-being, resilience, and positive momentum, each Pod welcomes up to 8 participants. Think of Wellfulli Coaching Pods as a similar experience to listening to a guided meditation or taking a yoga or spin class. You are directed by the Coach the entire time and you will proceed through the steps of our proprietary coaching method in each session. The coach excels at creating an environment of trust and support.

Every pod is unique, addressing various aspects that may be present in your life. Additionally, the composition of the group may vary from session to session. You have the flexibility to stick with the same coach and time or explore different coaches and pod times based on your preferences.

It is noteworthy that participants frequently find common ground in others’ experiences within a Pod, fostering a sense of community and developing nonjudgment. While the Pod environment serves to diminish the feeling of isolation and loneliness, it is crucial to emphasize that the central objective remains self-discovery and the cultivation of heightened personal awareness.

During reflective moments, the Wellfulli Coach may invite you to close your eyes, explore your emotions and feelings, and may encourage you to journal your thoughts. While sharing is encouraged by the coach, remaining silent is equally respected.

Wellfulli Coaching Pods empower you to cultivate heightened self-awareness, inner wisdom, and strength. They serve as a platform for learning about yourself and facilitate lasting positive shifts in how you navigate life’s stresses. Throughout this transformative process, you’ll gain valuable insights and acquire the ability to make small yet impactful choices that resonate with you, fostering a sense of freedom and guiding you toward the life you aspire to lead.

Pod Experience FAQ

How can I sign up or register for a coaching pod session? View the schedule and click on a pod you’d like to try. You will be prompted to create an account. For the pods, you will need a device that can connect to the internet.

Do I have to stay in the same Wellfulli Pod every week? No, feel free to attend any pod that resonates with you. With the unlimited monthly membership, you have the flexibility to participate in as many pods as you’d like.

How many pods can/should I plan to attend? We find most people plan to attend 1 pod/week. Although when you need more support or would like to work on a variety of issues attending more pods is suitable.

Do I have to turn my camera on? No, although we encourage you to do so, it is not required.

What is the time commitment required for participating in a coaching pod? 60 minutes.

How do Wellfull’s coaching pods work, and what is the format of a typical session? Sign up for a pod at least 24 hours in advance, and then click on the link emailed to you to join the pod at the time of the session. The coach will lead the session using our proprietary coaching method. This involves a series of self-reflective questions and exercises designed to encourage curiosity about your own self and journey.

Who are the coaches leading these pods, and what qualifications do they have? Our coaches are all graduates of Certified Coach Training Programs and/or have received National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching Certification (NBHWC) All coaches have additional training by Wellfulli.

What topics or areas of life do Wellfull’s coaching pods typically address? Typically pods are focused on any area of life that causes stress, anxiety, inaction, unhappiness, loneliness, and/or feelings/emotions that are unpleasant or keep us stuck. This is often related to family, health/disease, work, relationships and other life issues.

Can I choose a specific coach or pod based on my needs and preferences? Yes, we have a variety of pod topics and continue to add more pod topics. We trust you will find pods that resonate with your issues. Universal pods are for all issues. Feel free to attend a Universal pod to work on any issue.

Are the coaching pods suitable for individuals of all ages and backgrounds? Pods are suitable for anyone 18 years or older.

I see a psychiatrist/therapist now, can I attend Welfulli pods? Yes! Coaching is a wonderful partner to your therapeutic journey. Coaching is different from therapy. Wellfulli coaching pods focus on the present, fostering increased awareness and paving the way for new pathways to action and fresh horizons.

I take mood alternating medications, can I attend Wellfulli pods? Attending Wellfulli Pods will have no interference with your medication. Medication should always be managed by your physician.

What is the privacy and confidentiality policy for Wellfull’s coaching pods? Our coaches are trained to maintain a high-standard of confidentiality. The group practices how to hold space and respect each other and creates a trusting environment. What you share and the level of intimate details you provide is strictly up to you.